The most common thermal spray repair that we perform is the restoration of worn, damaged, or mis-machined parts.

Some of the advantages of using thermal spray coatings in these applications are:

  • If required, the parts can be restored using the same material as the original substrate material.
  • Parts can be restored using a different coating material that provides significantly improved operational performance. In many cases the thermal spray repaired component will have a longer service life than either a component enhanced with the same material as the original substrate or a “new” replacement component.
    • Example: repairing a worn journal on a carbon steel shaft using an HVOF applied tungsten carbide. The newly coated area will have significantly higher wear resistance than the original shaft thereby increasing the service life of the component.
  • Coating materials can be selected that can address multiple issues at the same time such as abrasive wear and corrosion resistance or abrasive wear and high operative temperature.
  • Components can be restored to “larger” than their original dimension.
  • Components can be restored to the same original dimension but with different surface finishes to enable enhanced performance.
  • Components that cannot be welded on or repaired using any other repair technology can be restored to original at a fraction of the cost to replace.
  • Within certain “line of sight” restrictions and/or by using special ID spray attachments, oversize internal diameters of sleeves, bearing housings, etc. can be restored to original dimensions.