Thermal Spray Solutions provides thermal barrier coatings that protect surfaces from deterioration from extreme temperatures or hot corrosive environments.

Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs) perform the critical function of insulating components and providing a heat transferring or dispersing coating as a protective layer between vulnerable, temperature sensitive components and the high temperature environments they experience during operation.

TBCs are characterized by very low thermal conductivity with the coating absorbing a wide temperature variant when exposed to extreme heat flow.

For extreme applications, TBCs can be a multi-layer coating, which includes a metallic layer that transfers or distributes heat quickly from a point source across a wider area and a ceramic layer which provides thermal insulation by way of high heat resistance thereby slowing the transfer of heat to the surface.

TBCs are typically used in turbines and engines where they are designed to protect the components from the extreme heat generated by combustion.

Turbocharger housings and high speed fans, hi-temp exhaust systems, furnace components, conveyor feed system components for smelting operations, and several missile and rocket applications for the military have all benefited from the application of thermal barrier coatings.

TBCs can also be a single layer coating and can be used on composite materials in environments where they have previously not been feasible. Developments in this area allow lightweight composites in high heat applications where previously only heavier metallic parts could be used.

Coating Materials
The most commonly applied TBC material is Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ), which exhibits resistance to thermal shock and thermal fatigue up to 2,000 Degrees F.

Other coating materials such as aluminum and alumina compounds, other ceramics and even certain metals have been employed successfully as thermal barrier coatings in specific applications.